We work in partnership with private owners and property developers to find the best solution for their project.

Our services include:

  • project definition and site constraints.
  • architectural and interior design services.
  • master planning and urban design.
  • property subdivision proposals.
  • urban design and framework reports.
  • housing estate architectural guidelines.
  • promotional graphic design and artworks for proposed developments.

architectural design

Take advantage of our experience in commercial, retail, hospitality and residential architectural design.

Invest in design, and benefit from the enjoyment, comfort and value when living in, as well as higher rate of returns when selling or renting your property. Whether it is a commercial property, retail business, a private home or rental investment. Having your property designed by a professional architect gives you a valuable return.

project documentation

It’s all about communication. Project documents serve one purpose: to ensure everyone involved knows what they need to do in order to bring a project to successful completion.

Our services include:

  • sketch design
  • 3D visualisation and modelling.
  • documents for building plan approval.
  • construction contracts and documents.
  • documents to cost the project.
  • documents to construct the project.

project management

Putting up a building is no small feat. It requires many people from different companies doing various trades in a specific sequence on order to ensure your building project is completed on time and on budget.

It therefore pays to have a competent principal agent who can take point on your project and ensure that the work between the different consultants and specialists on a project is effectively coordinated and executed.

interior design proposals

Whether you want to create a comfortable and beautifully furnished interior at home or a strong identity to reinforce your brand, commercial office or retail shop.

Our experienced team can create a unique design proposal for you with clear graphic representations, sample images and colour schemes that give you a clear conceptual design of your intended project.

client consultation

Our interior design consultation services affords you the opportunity to meet with a professional for advice and guidance on your project.

Our services include:

  • interior design proposals
  • furniture arrangements
  • furniture selection and sourcing
  • selection of finishes and fittings
  • selection of artworks
  • selection of paint colours

detail design

We are a process orientated company. In other words, our designs are subjected to a process of refinement that ensures our high standard of design is applied throughout the project, from the design of the project as a whole down to the finest detail.

Our services include:

  • detailed architectural design
  • Integration of fittings and services
  • feature design elements
  • custom designed furniture, light fittings, etc. to meet your specific requirements.


We have experience working with many different material finishes and suppliers in various fields.

Our service includes:

  • sourcing samples of finishes, furniture and fittings for your approval.
  • processing orders for the supply and installation of specialist work.
  • coordinating interior installations and the furniture fit out in line with the interior design.

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