Studio Zero Two; Blouberg; Cape Town; 2016

A renovation to a small start-up home and design studio in Blouberg.

The design takes a pragmatic approach to place making. New openings is created to make the best use of the Western Cape climate in providing warm sun-drenched spaces during the cold winter months and shaded, cool open spaces during the months when the summer sun burns down with its most unforgiving solar fire. Renovations include the conversion of an existing patio into a lounged studio, renovated family room, kitchen, scullery and additional external sunny deck areas.

Natural finishes provide an easy going, durable feel, while the dark greys and muted white colour palette makes a good backdrop for the assortment of playful artworks and assorted furniture. Setting the stage for an uncomplicated, comfortable lifestyle.

The house is connected on all sides to soft planted and hard urban courtyards. Large glazed sections open up, inviting the outside to become part of the interior. Timber pergolas outside openings form a simple framework that give spatial definition to these areas and emphasise the continuation of living toward the outside.

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