Alterations and Additions to an Existing Dwelling; Silverhurst Estate, Constantia, Cape Town 2017

There is a sweet satisfaction to be had from the chance to reinvigorate and reinvent an existing building …to turn it into a loving home for your clients.

Buildings age, they go out of style and are not always readily adaptable to meet the requirements of their new owners. It is a normal reaction for new owners to update outdated and worn finishes as part of the ritual of making a house their own. However, sometimes when the design and layout of a house is not flexible to the needs and desires of contemporary living, more extreme interventions are needed.
When we met our clients on their new property in the luxury housing estate, Silverhurst, in Constantia Cape Town, they were excited how elegantly the new proposal resolved their concerns with the existing building.

Our proposal called for a redesign of the existing ground floor plan to combine a series of smaller rooms into more luxurious living spaces. This included a redesign of the building approach and entrance foyer to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors entering the house, as well as a redesign of the kitchen to form a better connection with the open plan arrangement. On the top floor, we eliminated existing passages in the plan and used the residual space to create a new family room. In other words, we arranged bedrooms around a communal family room instead of having wasteful passages running between them, with each bedroom receiving its own dressing/bathroom en-suite. A new master suite with a walk through dressing room and bathroom was an added additional to the existing floor area.

The main building facades on the North and South of the property also received some attention. A restructuring of openings in the façade allowed sunlight to wash through the space and created an improved relation with the beautiful views and outdoor areas surrounding the dwelling. Windows, now more elegantly proportioned against the façade contribute positively to the building’s value and appeal.

A pergola was added to the back of the property to make the transition between the internal and external living areas more fluent and to balance sun control during the hot summer months, while landscaping interventions around the property complete the picture.

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